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As a composer, guitarist, and electronic musician, Skyler Hill manipulates sound with an earnest curiosity. Both composing like an improviser and improvising like a composer, the music that results is intentional and exploratory. Constantly experimenting and absorbing new musical techniques, they have performed in and written for diverse ensembles in both acoustic and electronic mediums.

Recent compositions include Themes for Now, a commission for three solo marimba works which was featured on a split album alongside works by Eliot Cole, A Machine for Living, a piece that seeks to narrate Le Corbusier’s architectural process, and One Strap Less, a work for two voices, three horns, electronics, and drum set that will be part of an upcoming album entitled Inanimate. They also lead and compose for a chamber rock ensemble called Family Tree, who released their sophomore album in 2021.

A common thread throughout Skyler’s music is their desire to explore the ways in which music can be experimental, artful, and accessible. They achieve this goal through creatively internalizing and carefully externalizing aspects of the music that has inspired them, from Fred Frith to the Punch Brothers, Pavement to Iannis Xenakis, Arthur Russell to Deerhoof.

In addition to these
influences, Hill’s compositions are informed by visual and literary arts, current events, and their interest in mathematics. Their compositions have been praised for their poetic lyrics, intricate melodies, and deliberate pacing.

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